Columbus SharePoint Roundtable
Which Cloud is best for me? What is OSLO?
Presented by Mario Fulan & Ricardo Wilkins
9/18/2014 5:30 PM
Columbus Microsoft Office

Which “cloud” is best for me for my hosted SharePoint solution: Microsoft Office 365 or Microsoft Azure IaaS?

We’ll discuss the differences and similarities between SharePoint Online in Microsoft Office 365 and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) in Microsoft Azure for hosting my SharePoint sites “in the cloud”. How do I choose the best solution for my business and what are the key factors to consider when making a decision?

What is “codename OSLO” and how will it change enterprise search?

The enterprise search experience is fantastic in SharePoint but is about to go through a major reformation. Codename OSLO was announced at the Microsoft SharePoint Conference SPC2014 and promises to personalize search and discovery of content to make them more relevant and personal for everyone. On July 9th, Microsoft announced Delve as the official name for codename OSLO. We will do an introduction to Delve and discuss the capabilities that it will bring to users to surface information in new ways and to bring information to the user rather than wait for users to seek information through the standard textual search interface. Delve enables exciting new ways to discover information and to work together and is the first of a new breed of intelligent work experiences.

About Columbus SharePoint Roundtable
The SharePoint Roundtable was created as an invitation-only event. We have invited company leaders who are responsible for the successful deployment and maintenance of collaboration and portal solutions within their organizations. Through the Microsoft Solution Center at Bennett Adelson, we invite you to join us for this beneficial program. We meet on a quarterly basis and provide an open forum for business leaders, like you, to discuss the challenges that you face today. Our purpose is to assist you in finding proven solutions to satisfy your specific business needs.