CRM User Group
User Showcase: CRM Upgrade from 2011 to 2013; Technical Academy: Entity Based Option Sets
Presented by Oswald Companies & Bob Wittig
12/4/2014 5:45 PM
Cleveland Microsoft Office

User Showcase

Join Oswald Companies as they discuss their upgrade to CRM 2013 from 2011 with a focus on how they were able to eliminate a large amount of custom JavaScript using CRM 2013 Business Rules. Oswald will also demonstrate how they have integrated Assistance Software’s PSA solution into their CRM environment. Assistance PSA is a project and time management solution for professional service organizations. Oswald is currently using the program to help manage the annual service and renewal activities for hundreds of their group benefits clients. Oswald will also show how they plan to utilize PSA in other departments, taking advantage of the resource management and utilization functionality.

Technical Academy

Are you frustrated with managing option set values in CRM? Does the change in DEV, test in QA, deploy to production seem a bit cumbersome when you just need to add another option? One “option” (pardon the pun) is to work with a little slight-of-hand. Give your options an entity base. With a little coding and UI design your option sets can render as option sets (drop lists) to the user, but your data administrators can add options to the system with the ease of adding a record. Come see how.

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