CRM User Group
The power of CRM Offline and oData
Presented by Jimmy Briggs
from Davey Tree
8/1/2013 5:45 PM
Park Center I - Basement
Do you find yourself needing CRM data without network connectivity? Do you have remote users working with CRM data while on the road? Have you tried the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Offline Client?

Come see how Davey Tree implemented the Offline Client to allow their arborists to evolve their sales process from clipboards and paper into a data driven system. See how they enabled and promoted this with a customized opportunity (proposal), a specialized account search, and custom grid component featuring oData for you techies out there. By understanding the sales process of their users they are able to deliver and grow a solution that is easy to use and saves time; in addition to adding a higher level of value to their customer base.

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