Test-Driven F#
Presented by
Richard Broida & Mike Falanga
2/21/2013 5:45 PM
Park Center III - Lower Level
Functional-style programs need less testing than object-oriented programs -- but not zero testing. We’ll look at three open-source frameworks that leverage the strengths of F# to give you higher quality code: FsUnit for unit tests, FOQ for mocking, and TickSpec for behavior-driven design.

About F# SIG
The Cleveland F# Programmers Special Interest Group (F# SIG) is for programmers who work in and/or are interested in learning the F# language. F# is Microsoft's entry in the fast-growing world of functional programming. Compared to other programming languages F# code is often simpler and more intuitive, yet like any language it takes some time and practice to learn F#. The F# SIG gives programmers at all skill levels a monthly opportunity to learn about the language and how others are using it, improve their skills and share their knowledge in a relaxed, cooperative environment . The group meetings consist of mini-presentations by members, group programming exercises, and informal discussions. The audience ranges from F# experts to those developers that are getting their first glimpse of F#.