Cleveland SharePoint Roundtable
SharePoint 2010 Dev Conference
Presented by Peruri Srinivasulu - Bennett Adelson
11/11/2009 8:00 AM
Microsoft Offices - Cleveland
Microsoft SharePoint 2007 is making waves all over the world! Keys to SharePoint’s success includes a unified infrastructure, Office client integration, “Best of Breed” functionality, control and governance, and an excellent enterprise platform. SharePoint 2010 builds upon this success with continued innovation. If you missed the SharePoint Conference 2009 in Las Vegas, no problem. Your local Microsoft team have designed a free, one-day, “best of” SharePoint Conference 2009 event that will showcase the very best of the conference. Don’t miss this opportunity to see what all the hype and excitement is all about. Come and check out SharePoint 2010.
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About Cleveland SharePoint Roundtable
The SharePoint Roundtable was created as an invitation-only event. We have invited company leaders who are responsible for the successful deployment and maintenance of collaboration and portal solutions within their organizations. Through the Microsoft Solution Center at Bennett Adelson, we invite you to join us for this beneficial program. We meet on a quarterly basis and provide an open forum for business leaders, like you, to discuss the challenges that you face today. Our purpose is to assist you in finding proven solutions to satisfy your specific business needs.