Reactive Programming with RxJS
Presented by Mel Leeb
3/21/2017 5:45 PM

This event has been rescheduled. The previous date was Tuesday, 3/14. The date is now Tuesday, 3/21.

Come join us as we'll learn about Reactive programming with RxJS. Reactive programming makes asynchronous programming clean, intuitive, and robust. Use the RxJS library to write complex programs in a simple way, unifying asynchronous mechanisms such as callbacks and promises into a powerful data type: the Observable. Learn to think about your programs as streams of data that you can transform by expressing what should happen, instead of having to program how it should happen. If you use Angular 2, you may also benefit from learning more about Observables, as it uses them within its Forms and Http APIs.

About Mel:

Mel Leeb is a Senior Architect at Bennett Adelson. Prior to joining Bennett Adelson in 2008, he worked for Progressive and Software Architects in various development and consulting roles. He holds a MS in Engineering from Purdue University and works with customers to help them design and build custom web, desktop, and mobile applications.
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