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Orchestrator: Unknown Hero of Automation - CBUS
Presented by
David Norling-Christensen
10/22/2012 10:00 AM
Columbus Microsoft Office
Microsoft System Center Orchestrator 2012 is the glue that enables automation between the rest of the System Center suite and your infrastructure. This can free up you time by providing a simple and drag and drop process for creating runbooks to automate your everyday tasks that normally require manual intervention, numerous tools and time. Orchestrator provides IT process automation and workload automation to bring together configuration information, systems, and data to make available the services to the business in a responsive and dependable manner. The more integrated and automated the individual IT processes are, the more easily they can offer business services enabling LOB stakeholders to implement innovative solutions that will put you organization ahead of the competition. Bennett Adelson will be presenting on real world examples of how to leverage Orchestrator to automate some of the more common manual tasks in your organization. You will be able to leave with examples of runbooks that can be easily be implemented in your organization to free up your time for more important business tasks.
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