CRM User Group
Microsoft Dynamics Marketing & A Deep Dive Into Power BI
Presented by Bob Hogan
6/4/2015 3:00 PM
Cleveland Microsoft Office

User Showcase: Microsoft Dynamics Marketing

Come and see Microsoft Dynamics Marketing in action. Microsoft Dynamics Marketing is the powerful, integrated marketing management solution from Microsoft. With Dynamics Marketing you'll get exceptional insight, control over budgets and resources, and be able to create automated, measurable multi-channel campaigns to deliver tangible results.

Technical Academy: Deep Dive Into Power BI

The Power BI cloud service works together with Excel to provide a complete self-service analytics solution. With Excel for authoring reports and Power BI for Office 365 for connecting data and sharing them, everyone in your organization has a powerful new way to work with data. Come and see the setup, data connections and usage for this powerful new Agile BI solution.

Topics covered include:

• Setup and Data Connectivity

• Power BI Sites - Insights for everyone

• Power BI Q&A - Ask a question, get a remarkable answer

• Mobile BI - Access Anywhere

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