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Microsoft Azure DevOps - (Demystifying the Microsoft Cloud)
Presented by Randy Pagels
11/1/2018 2:00 PM
How Microsoft builds software and services like Windows, Office, Bing, Minecraft, and others powered by Azure DevOps

Ever wondered how Microsoft takes the combined work of tens of thousands of engineers to plan and build Windows? Minecraft? Office? Bing? Azure DevOps? During this session I will deep dive into how Microsoft uses its own tools such as Azure DevOps to power our internal engineering system "1ES" and work at massive scale. From agile planning to Git source control, to build and release, this will give you insight into our internal engineering process and tools.

About Webcast Series
The Bennett Adelson Webcast Series is dedicated to making presentations on timely topics available and accessible via the web. The topics focus in on specific needs of organizations and the related Microsoft technology.