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Manage All the Things: Azure Monitoring and Application Insights
Presented by Richard Broida
11/14/2017 5:45 PM

When you run your business in the cloud, performance and availability are critical. With multiple interconnected components and frequent releases, degradations can happen at any time. You should know about these issues immediately, and have tools for diagnosing and fixing the problems. You also want to track your resource consumption, and you can gain insights about user behavior from application metrics.

This talk will show how to use Microsoft’s Azure Monitor and Application Insights to gather, analyze, and act on performance and diagnostic data. We’ll look at the architecture of the tools and how they integrate with the Azure Portal and Visual Studio. We’ll then walk through practical examples of how to use them to monitor, diagnose, and fix common problems in Azure applications using platform services. If you need to keep applications running in Azure, this talk is for you.

Richard Broida is Practice Director of Connected Systems and Azure Solutions at Bennett Adelson

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