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Leveraging a flexible CRM platform in an ever changing world; Workflow Wait Conditions - Best Practices
Presented by Eric Mann
10/2/2014 5:45 PM
Cleveland Microsoft Office

User Showcase: Bravo Wellness – Leveraging a flexible CRM platform in an ever changing world

Join Eric Mann from Bravo Wellness as he showcases the power of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Scribe, and SAVO Sales Content Pro. Eric will highlight their need for a scalable CRM solution capable of providing a wide range of customization to ever changing business challenges in a fast paced high growth organization. Come learn how their initial focus on sales force automation, effectiveness and efficiency then grew into client implementation management, client service process improvement, vendor management/onboarding and marketing automation.

Eric will also highlight the many benefits and realized returns observed by Bravo Wellness. These benefits include:

- Collaboration between departments using the CRM framework - Improved sales effectiveness and reporting to direct resources for better return on investment - Increased client retention while decreasing hours spent on manual client services processes - Flexible business process automation to adjust to rapid growth and change - Single source of client engagement from marketing, sales and client services

Technical Academy: Workflow Wait Conditions - Best Practices

Solution Specialists from Bennett Adelson will demonstrate some of the best practices when writing and using CRM Workflow Wait Conditions. Training will utilize both theoretical discussions as well as practical and real-world examples in production today.

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