CRM User Group
June CRM User Group
Presented by Bob Hogan
6/26/2014 5:45 PM
Park Center III
User Showcase: Boosting Productivity with Microsoft Dynamics CRM + Office 365 Empower your teams with native Microsoft document management and collaboration solutions designed for easy adoption, accessible anywhere, and on most devices. Office 365 delivers world class enterprise ready tools that work seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics CRM on-premise or online systems. Join Bennett Adelson as they showcase the power of Microsoft Dynamics CRM + Office 365 using their production CRM system. Day-to-day operations include processes for team collaboration, document management, project management, customer service, sales and marketing. This will be a live demonstration from a user’s perspective. It may include sample technical tidbits with configuration examples. Technical Academy: Building More Scalable Workflows with Extensions: Leverage the power of the NEW CRM 2013 workflow extensions to reduce the code footprint for your plugins; clarifying the blurred lines between plugins and workflow extensions. For example, have you ever tried to run a workflow on child records from their parent. Join Bennett Adelson as they show you how! Examples to include synchronous (Real-Time) and asynchronous (Back-Ground) workflows.

About CRM User Group
The CRMUG is for users, by users. We engage individuals and companies using Microsoft Dynamics CRM in value-added networking and knowledge sharing, and to be the single most important communication channel for Microsoft to see guidance on future development of Dynamics CRM. Individuals from all aspects of CRM life, from executive management to CRM administration, attend our Regional Chapter meetings and gain important knowledge, strategy, and administration best-practices.