Cleveland SharePoint Roundtable
JavaScript & CSS in SharePoint – Lessons Learned from the Field
Presented by Ricardo Wilkins
10/22/2014 2:00 PM
Cleveland Microsoft Office

JavaScript has been an important technology in web development, and also plays a significant part in the SharePoint platform. While JavaScript has often been used to ‘force’ certain enhancements into the UI, it has since been incorporated more formally through the client side object model. With all the different options, iterations, and libraries available, it’s important to understand the best ways to use it correctly, and how to identify when to use it as well.

In this talk, we’ll discuss many aspects of JavaScript development in SharePoint that Ricardo learned while working with various clients on SharePoint projects. We’ll give some introduction to JavaScript, jQuery, CSS and SharePoint, and also discuss the tools available. Finally, we’ll cover 4 distinct Lessons Learned, and how they can play into your overall SharePoint project.

Ricardo is a SharePoint Consultant with Bennett Adelson, focusing on delivery of quality SharePoint solutions, especially in the area of custom development, application lifecycle management, and systems integration. Ricardo is a seasoned software developer who's helped deliver solutions in the public, non-profit, and private sector, and specializes in combining out-of-box feature sets with tools like Designer, Visual Studio, InfoPath and workflow tools like Nintex. He's also been heavily involved in the local and international SharePoint community, having given talks and technical demonstrations at local user groups, non-profit agencies and national conferences and webinars. He’s been a contributing author at, and has co-authored a whitepaper with Dell Software on SharePoint Customization Best Practices. You can find him online in social media, or also visit his SharePoint blog at

About Cleveland SharePoint Roundtable
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