F#’s Game Changer: Functional Data Types
Presented by Richard Broida &
Mike Falanga
3/28/2013 5:45 PM
Park Center II
In F# it’s easy to combine diverse kinds of data into light-weight static types called Discriminated Unions. These types are easy to declare and easy to use with functional techniques like pattern matching and recursion. In many cases functional programs with Discriminated Unions are easier to write and maintain than comparable OOP programs would be. In this session we’ll explore how to apply Discriminated Unions to challenging domains like logic programming and data mining.

About F# SIG
The Cleveland F# Programmers Special Interest Group (F# SIG) is for programmers who work in and/or are interested in learning the F# language. F# is Microsoft's entry in the fast-growing world of functional programming. Compared to other programming languages F# code is often simpler and more intuitive, yet like any language it takes some time and practice to learn F#. The F# SIG gives programmers at all skill levels a monthly opportunity to learn about the language and how others are using it, improve their skills and share their knowledge in a relaxed, cooperative environment . The group meetings consist of mini-presentations by members, group programming exercises, and informal discussions. The audience ranges from F# experts to those developers that are getting their first glimpse of F#.