CRM User Group
February CRM User Group
Presented by Bob Hogan and Rich Deken
2/5/2015 4:00 PM
Cleveland Microsoft Office

User Showcase: User Showcase: Demystifying CRM 2015 and the CRM Roadmap- Bob Hogan

Join Bob as he walks us through many of the new features in CRM 2015. Get a better understanding of the CRM Roadmap and where Unified Service Desk, Parature, Social Listening, and Dynamics Marketing fit in.

Technical Academy: Technical Academy: Reporting Options from Basic to Advanced- Bob Hogan and Rich Deken

Are you frustrated with reporting in Dynamics CRM? You are not alone. Many don’t realize the power under your fingertips, and what comes out of the box. If native reporting is not enough there’s good news. There are solutions out there. Come see how tools like PowerBI and QlikView provide enterprise-class reporting and analytics. But wait, there’s more. The team will also discuss client and server side form authoring tools that may be of interest. Think Customer Quote!

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