Webcast Series
Demystifying the Microsoft Cloud
Presented by Mark Sherry
4/26/2018 2:00 PM
Online Webcast
Please join me for this month’s “Demystifying the Microsoft Cloud ” on Thursday, April 26th at 2pm EST. Whether you’re facing another Microsoft renewal, true-up, or simply your rep is asking you to consider “Microsoft 365” (not to be confused with Office 365), this will be a valuable and practical session. You can pose specific circumstances, raise concerns, or simply sit back and enjoy us talk through:

• What you get with “M365”
• What’s involved in deploying “M365”
• What post-deployment should look like in “M365”

About Webcast Series
The Bennett Adelson Webcast Series is dedicated to making presentations on timely topics available and accessible via the web. The topics focus in on specific needs of organizations and the related Microsoft technology.