An Introduction to Reality Based User Interfaces
Presented by Reuben Ahmed
11/10/2015 5:45 PM
Microsoft Cleveland Office

Most human-machine interfaces today consist of using an artificial control device (a mouse or keyboard), whose operation must be learned over time. These interfaces are called “command-line” (CLI) or “graphical” user interfaces (GUI). A Natural User Interface (NUI) is a practice implemented by designers and developers to create interfaces that are invisible and seamless to the user (an overarching design strategy in IOS). The user is able to learn complex operations and traverse from a novice to expert, as the interface remains invisible.

In this session, we will look at implementing our own NUI design using a Reality Based User Interface.

Reuben Ahmed has been working in the Microsoft space since .NET 1 was in beta (15 years ago). He is an avid landscaper and has recently acquired the unmanned air vehicles (UAV/drones) hobby. He enjoys connecting technologies together. In prior presentations, he showed how space invaders could be programmed in 60 minutes using the XNA framework, and in another - how the Microsoft Kinect could be used to play Solitaire in thin air.

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